The UK was recently host to the world’s largest conference around climate change and sustainability. The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow was attended by world leaders and prominent industry experts who were greeted with an array of technologies tackling the world’s most pressing issue.

The Summit aimed to bring the world together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. By joining forces with civil society, companies and people on the frontline of climate change, the conference was designed to accelerate progress in five key areas: Adaptation and resilience, Nature, Energy, Transport, and Finance.

Two members of the Koffman Incubator were invited to showcase and pitch their technologies at this prestigious conference.

PJP Eye is a Tokyo-based energy company looking to rid Li-ion batteries of the petroleum-based carbon they are comprised of. Their flagship product, Cambrian Battery, uses organic materials for its negative electrode and more abundant metals (as opposed to rare-earth metals) in its positive electrode. The resulting, highly durable product is referred to as a “single-carbon battery”. The team has received interest from makers of vehicles, satellites, boats and more.

At the conference, this Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator program member pitched head-to-head at the Net Zero Technology Centre’s Start-up Pitch Battle. Amongst fierce competition, PJP placed second out of the 29 participants.

Also present at COP26 was eHempHouse who showcased their Smart Box at the event. This cutting-edge self-contained processing factory, features a hemp decorticator, seed press, hemp oil biodiesel generator, and other modular components tailored to the target farm environment. The startup is working to sequester large amounts of damaging CO2 gases through their unique product.

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