About The Koffman Incubator

Our mission creating the next-generation entrepreneurial ecosystem

Opened in 2017, the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator is 35,000 square-feet of offices, high-tech labs, wet labs, dry labs and common areas, as well as co-working spaces that encourage collaboration between companies. It was built to provide a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and startup companies. Every inch of the building has been thoughtfully designed to provide working spaces that inspire individuals and companies to create and develop transformational, innovative products and ideas. It is ideally positioned to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem that is developing across the Southern Tier.

Powered by Binghamton University

Binghamton University’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships (E&IP) manages the Koffman facility and programs. Advanced laboratories on the Binghamton University campus are also offered to high-tech startups inn need of advanced testing equipment. Additionally, the office manages the licensing and patenting of University IP. No matter your affiliation with the university, the Koffman, its programs and staff are available to support your startup venture.

Wide-Ranging Programs

The Koffman offers a half-dozen free programs managed by Binghamton University. These strategically crafted resources support startups in all stages of development. You do not need to be a member of the incubator to participate in programming (the clean energy incubator being an exception). No matter the stage of your startup, we have supportive, accessible programs eager to guide growth and connect you with passionate peers.

A network of Mentors and Innovators

The Koffman has fast become a hub for innovation in Upstate New York. Students, community startups and clean energy companies from across the nation have participated in our programs, set up offices and manufacturing facilities in the region, hired employees and formed deep connections with fellow members. Mentors are available to you and your startup. We welcome you to join this diverse and welcoming business community.

Reach out to learn more and to join!

If you are searching for a co-working space, looking to start a venture, or want to grow your business, consider the Koffman your key to success. Connect with us to ask questions and get set up with an application to become part of a diverse business ecosystem!