Accelerator Program

Take your idea to the next level


Companies accepted into this program will be put through a crash course on the Business Model Canvas and in-person interviews, determining if their product or service is a viable company. Facilitated three times per year by Director of Business Incubation Dan Mori, the course ends with a go, no-go, or a pivot on the concept. Graduates of the course are encouraged to apply for the Business Incubation program.

“The point of the Accelerator Program is truly to identify product-market fit. All sorts of people come up with ideas ― whether the market wants it or not is a whole different story,” — Dan Mori.

MicroBELLA Cosmetics

Katheryn Cherny, a microbiology graduate student and the founder of MicroBELLA Cosmetics, was part of the first Accelerator class.

Cherny said most skin problems aren’t caused by hormones, but by an imbalance in the community of bacteria in the skin or microflora.

“A lot of skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne are not just problems with your hormones; these conditions have been tied to changes in the bacteria on your skin,” Cherny said.

To combat this, Cherny has designed a line of products handcrafted and made with natural ingredients to restore and support wholesome bacteria growth, which results in healthier and better-looking skin. Read more about MicroBELLA here.

 Accelerator Program Benefits


Mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs


Access to co-working space


Free parking at the incubator


Ability to apply for up to $3,000 in customer discovery or prototyping funding


3 months of instruction


Complimentary coffee