Students at Binghamton University have one more tool to support their adventures into the world of entrepreneurship. The Koffman Incubator is accessible to students working on a startup, with many utilizing the co-working, office and lab space available to them. Some, however, aren’t able to venture downtown as easily or prefer to get some progress made between classes.

For these teams or individuals, the newly designated B-Innovative space is the perfect fit! Located centrally on the university campus in Rockefeller center, the designated space consists of two rooms, each with a projector, large whiteboards, distanced seating and plenty of natural lighting, a welcome upgrade from the dorm room or public spaces in the library.

Student startup KLAW and AeroBing, working on sustainable cement and rocketry respectively, were some of the first to begin using the space.

“The large whiteboards are perfect for long-form calculations, something hard to accomplish in the dorm or library,” says Jacob Goodman of AeroBing

“This is the perfect space for practicing pitches. Balancing school and the startup is difficult, but this is at a perfect location to do just that,” says Jacob Kumpon of KLAW.

Students interested in accessing this space can connect with the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships. Students and non-students alike are encouraged to utilize the Koffman Incubator along with the mentors and programs it offers to progress their idea or business.