Bandalier offers on-demand, U.S.-based inside sales and customer experience teams to growing tech companies and other organizations. Their 70+ member team typically operates out of the Koffman Incubator, but is transitioning to remote work to keep employees safe. This change is proving beneficial to employees and the community they serve. Due to the increasing need for hotlines and centralized call centers to provide accurate and timely information to callers, Bandalier is working with local governments to set up such systems to address the anticipated influx of callers.

Additionally, the company is introducing a new social impact program, ‘Corona Companions’. Bandalier’s team members are working to address the psychological impact of the virus by simply listening to callers– discussing how they have been coping, or even discussing the weather, our favorite movies, books, sports teams, etc.! 

Members of the team are ready to volunteer their time between 5PM and 7PM every night in order to lend their ears and hearts to anyone who is feeling the effects of isolation. If you or someone you know could use a friend for a half an hour, whether to chat or vent your frustrations, please reach out.

You can sign up for a half-hour time slot at If you have further inquiries, you can send an email to or contact them through our website at