School’s out, but the learning has just begun for the 2019 Summer Accelerator participants. Offered by Binghamton University’s office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships and facilitated at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, eight teams will receive skilled guidance with the goal of advancing their ideas.

“The incoming teams will develop their revenue models, perform customer discovery and hone in on their pitches for investment,” says Eric Krohn, Director of Business Incubation and facilitator of the Accelerator Program.

“It is exciting to help these passionate entrepreneurs accelerate their ideas into a fully functioning, funded company.”

The eight accepted ventures for summer 2019 are:

BioBrace is a brace that measures pressure changes around the human arm while it performs movement (while working out) and records and analyzes this data to recommend changes to your workout and movement (partially in real time!).

TNGONE Inc. provides restaurants an online ordering system which helps them keep customers, re-rand themselves and have a dedicated technical partner in online ordering space.

beYOUtytech makes personalized skincare tailored to DNA and lifestyle. They have designed an innovative device that helps you mix the skincare fresh daily at home, using an advanced micro-mixing technology, it can mix over 8000 combinations of serums.

Huntn Buddy is a GPS based hunting application to enhance the safety and success of hunters while in the field.

Blue2Factor provides frictionless two-factor authentication software based on proximity.

Simulation by PPL creates immersive 360 degree videos for healthcare focused on increasing empathy and emotional intelligence in a variety of care providers in a way that is inexpensive and accessible. We want to use VR for what its good at, putting you in someone else’s shoes. Building a sense of empathy or educating from a point of view that you may not see otherwise. Research supports that patients with empathetic caregivers have better outcomes.

AVS (Anti-Vape System) is a technology with app integration which sends alerts when it detects vaping in space the technology is installed.

Flylow is an autonomous battery swapping platform for drone/UAV’s which allows a drone to land and automatically have the battery replaced for increased flight longevity.

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