While new technologies and inventions coming out of university labs are often cause for excitement and celebration, the listing of such developments on university technology transfer sites is usually anything but scintillating or innovative. However, Binghamton’s tech transfer team (TTO) is trying to change that.

The TTO has recently joined Columbia and Stanford as early adopters of a platform to illuminate the campus portfolio of technologies available for development and licensing. They have turned to Resolute Innovation, a company that, having recently raised $3.3 million in Series A investment, seeks to promote technology matchmaking and R&D intelligence, as well as to facilitate identification and accelerate commercialization of early-stage technologies. Resolute Innovation applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to bring a never-before-seen level of interactivity and precision to technology listing platforms.

Resolute AI can understand complex relationships between diverse technologies and visualize multi-level hierarchies and intersections between thousands of scientific disciplines. It does it through a simple and user-friendly Sunburst, a circular, multi-colored graphic that allows users to visualize all major categories representing the university technologies. When a user clicks on a specific category, the circle transforms itself into a new Sunburst focusing exclusively on that category, while simultaneously drilling down to animate a list of all associated technologies. In addition to the interactive graphics tool, Resolute powers one of a few, if not the only fully searchable technology listing platform, which will greatly enhance evaluation and assessment of the Binghamton University portfolio by outside parties seeking to invest in technologies and companies.

Since its launch in early August, the Resolute-enabled Binghamton University technology portfolio site has already attracted interest from across the United States, as well as from Europe and Asia, an indicator that the tool will pave the way for collaborative development and commercialization opportunities based around our university technologies and the researchers who created them.

Check it out here.

Olga Petrova