Binghamton’s growing business community is breaking down the silos and coming together to share resources, stories, passions and improve their community all the while. Amongst their busy schedules, multiple area businesses joined forces to clean Binghamton’s streets.

Early May was Triple Cities Network Solution’s first Trash Cleanup initiative. This Koffman Incubator member company partnered with fellow members Global Cloud Solutions Inc. and Bandalier as well as area businesses Sanico Cleaning Solutions, Davidson Fox & Company LLP and Hulbert Engineering. Sponsored by additional area business, 15 volunteers from participating companies spent a Saturday afternoon to clean 1.2 square miles, collecting over 400 lbs of trash.

Over $1.5k of materials and service hour value was donated in order to achieve this charitable success.

Some interesting finds were made along the way including clothing, toys and even an airsoft gun.

Broken down, the trash totals are as follows:

# of Plastic Bags: 146

# of Plastic Bottles: 135

# of Glass Bottles: 183

# of Beverage Cans: 125

# of Clothing Items: 16

# of Food Wrappers/Containers: 154

# of Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons: 86

# of Toys: 16

# of Cigarettes/Cigarette Filters: 186

# of Airguns: 1

Drew Lacock, president of Triple Cities Network Solutions (TCNS) hosted the event and was very appreciative of its success.

“TCNS does a daily company walk around the Koffman Incubator and noticed all of the trash in the surrounding streets. We felt annoyed with ourselves that we were commenting on it but not acting on the situation,” said Lacock.

An external event like a trash cleanup that directly impacts those involved, and those not involved, is a great way to bring companies together to achieve a common goal.

TCNS expects to continue the event in Fall, expanding into other areas of Binghamton and bringing more area businesspeople together in the process.