A new startup at Koffman Incubator is making full use of their lab space with beakers, bottles, and barrels carefully laid out around the room. Cubed Naturals is contributing to Southern Tier New York’s increasing dominance in all things hemp-related. This Binghamton-based company offers CBD products made locally, with a laser focus on quality and transparency.

It’s a cliche for an employee to believe in what their company offers, but for Liam Wagner, the researcher in charge of producing Cubed Natural’s products, the connection is personal.

“Four years ago, I was in a motorcycle accident which left me paralyzed,” Wagner said. “I began building a tolerance to the medications I was on, and the side effects were only treating the symptoms, not the cause of the pain and the anxiety that came with them.”

A recommendation from a friend led Wagner to give CBD a chance. After two weeks, the difference was readily apparent with a decrease in pain as well as anxiety.

“It was just so easy and natural to take,” Wagner explained. “Because I experienced amazing results firsthand, I believed wholeheartedly in it and began selling the CBD products for the friend who originally recommended it to me, which morphed into a position with the company.”

Wagner cites the lab space in the incubator as an element that contributes to the success and quality of their product. Their CBD extract is sourced specifically from New York and the olive oil used in products is from a family-run farm in Italy, which is then produced in a GMP-certified lab and packaged and distributed from the Koffman location. Additionally, the company goes beyond a quality product and offers transparency in what CBD can offer.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there about hemp,” Wagner said. “I recommend talking to experts in the industry to discover if CBD can help. Whether it’s Cubed Naturals or another reputable company, we’re always willing to talk and answer any questions you may have.”

Looking to the future, Wagner sees quality across the industry only increasing as New York imposes more regulation around the manufacturing process. This is a win for the consumer as they can know the CBD-based products coming out of New York are some of the best in the country, solidifying the state’s place as a leader in hemp agriculture and processing.

See what Cubed naturals offers at www.cubednaturals.com