Event Space

The Southern Tier Incubator has several areas designed not only for co-working but also event hosting. The building has an event room on the first floor, Ted Talk style stairs in the lobby, open space at the top of the stairs with a patio, and a conference room located on the third floor. All of these rooms are available to book at no cost for all members. These rooms are available to book for outside companies. Please contact us for rates.


Event Room

Located on the first floor, member companies can utilize this space for events and conferences. Outside entities may book this space for events as well. It features ample seating, projector, sound system and parking for event attendees. 


Conference Room


Available for use by member companies. May also be booked by outside entities. Features a closet, whiteboard, projector and conference table. 


Wireless projector
Customizable layout
Parking included
Ability to use any caterer