Nine out of ten startups fail. For that reason, business incubators such as The Koffman exist to provide guidance and resources, greatly improving the success rate of startups. The Accelerator Program is offered within the incubator and put on by Binghamton University’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships. It focuses on high growth & tech startups, using consolidated courses and hands-on mentoring to guide ventures forward.

We excitedly welcome the incoming roster of Accelerator Program companies. The first four mentioned are student companies. These five companies will work with experienced mentors at the Koffman Incubator with the goal of progressing their startup. 

AdamaDoll provides an innovative approach to assist children who have been abused and lack trust in adults. They produce a specialized doll to encourage open discussion about sexual abuse which is less intimidating for the child to disclose information. The doll can decrease the number of interviews the child has to go through and decrease the severity of mental health diagnoses as they grow into adulthood.

CloudRaise is a mobile/web equity crowdfunding application developed in response to a number of underlying problems in the existing industry. With the existing equity crowdfunding model, investors can expect to wait years prior to seeing a return on investment, either by an acquisition or by a company going public. Shares on CloudRaise have much more liquidity, as there is already a fully functional secondary market, as well as a mechanism for issuing and receiving dividend returns.

Conflux 3D changes how large format additive manufacturing is accomplished. They aim to make large format additive manufacturing cheaper, faster and adaptable. Specifically, they work to make fused deposition modeling more competitive with other manufacturing methods. Improving upon the time dependency of additive manufacturing will make it a more competitive manufacturing method for mass-production.

BioMedVerse is a biomedical science and technology startup that creates and assists with conduction of theoretical and applied research focusing on areas of STEM. BioMedVerse also provides contracting and consulting services at various levels of project creation and project management with clientele.

Still Cloud gathers user data to create an individual’s digital personality. With the data, they create a responsive AI assistant able to boost productivity and help the user grow as an individual. Our solution considers user privacy and visual data interaction for an intuitive understanding of their daily patterns and virtual self.