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Your support of the Koffman Incubator positively impacts the quality and quantity of students, researchers, and community members we provide for. The entreprenurial path broadly influences the life path students travel, advance the regional economy, and progress clean energy technology.

Donations from generous individuals or institutions allow for the transformation of ideas into full-fledged business ventures. Your support allows for further programming and space to be made available to those seeking to bring positive change to themselves, the local economy and the world.

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A host of resources are offered to startup companies. Your support can be directed to a particular area in which you believe strongly. You can give to bolster our:





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Those interested in giving should inquire at: or call (607) 777-5870 Donations can be made directly here. Please be sure to indicate “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships – #11056” in the memo section of your check.


If you are a company looking to support the local business ecosystem, we encourage you to check out our sponsors page! Thank you for your support of innovation in all its forms.