Started and run by former Binghamton Students, innovative healthcare insight company H1 is looking for engineers, sales, marketing, or just curious individuals that want to make an impact on global healthcare.


H1 was built by scientists for scientists. This modern company is working with some of the largest and most influential global life science organizations. H1 provides insight into thought leaders, scholarly content, academics, and healthcare professionals by using machine learning data models.


There are three executives that came from Binghamton U, 8 total alumni, currently on the H1 team. They recognize the A+ talent the University has to offer.


Ariel Katz, Chief Product Officer and Binghamton U alumni himself, speaks on what it is like working for H1.


“At H1 you will be challenged to learn new skills, work with A+ talent, and feel the passion that everyone brings to the office every day to change the world of healthcare.”


He goes on to describe what a potential employee can expect working at H1.


“We want someone who is young, hungry, ambitious, and thinks impossible is for the people that don’t dream. If you are someone who dreams about a better tomorrow for healthcare and has a passion to contribute, you will fit in here.”

Interested persons should reach out to Josh Geisler at