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The National Science Foundation I-Corps Program helps you understand how to bring your technical inventions and business ideas to the market and their full potential. Through a short experiential course, participants are provided guidance and mentorship, alongside a $3,000 grant, to discover their ideal customer. Join one of the nation’s most successful I-Corps Sites to effectively develop your idea with a strong customer base.



Now Virtual!

Binghamton University’s Regional I-Corps is more accessible than ever with new virtual courses. 


Guided Discovery

Alongside fellow teams, participate in engaging courses designed to guide critical customer discovery.


Financial Support

Gain access to $3000 in grant funding to conduct customer interviews and develop your invention

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National Program

Successful participants can be nominated to the national program and access $50,000 in funding.

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Why take I-Corps?

67% of all start-up fail because of lack of customers. The I-Corps Program will help you evaluate product-market fit for your invention or technology through the process of customer discovery. By helping you connect with potential customers, strategic partners, and key experts, the program will inform and de-risk your pathway from innovative idea to impactful product.

Who is I-Corps is for?

I-Corps is open to faculty, students, community startups, researchers, and inventors alike. If you have an early-stage startup or an innovative research project and wish to discover the next step for your venture — this program is for you.

What can you expect?

You will go through a set of (virtual) workshops over a three-week period alongside a cohort of fellow teams led by a group of experienced instructors. Each week, you will learn more about the customer discovery process, the business model canvas, and how to integrate these findings to bring your innovation closer to an impactful product. Upon completion, you will qualify for a $3000 micro-grant.

Are you ready?

If your innovation or venture is ready to gain valuable insight into how to grow and develop, the I-Corps program is here for you. Connect with one of the program directors with questions, or apply using the form at the bottom of the page.

Graduate to the National I-Corps

Successful participants in the Binghamton University’s Regional I-Corps program have the opportunity to be nominated to the national-level NSF I-Corps Teams Program, securing $50,000 in funding. Learn more about the national program from the National Science Foundation website below.

Meet the Team

Olga Petrova

Program Director, Instructor

Tony Frontera

Program Director, Instructor

Fabiola Moreno


Eric Krohn


Per Stromhaug

Instructor, PI

Katie Cherny

Entrepreneur in Residence

Discover your Impact through the NSF I-Corps Program

Connect with one of the directors with questions or to learn more. 

The current cohort is ongoing. Connect with Olga Petrova, or subscribe to our newsletter to learn when the next applications open. 

Common Questions:

Faculty, students, postdocs, researchers, as well as early-stage startups with a research project with potential real-world applications, a prototype, or an early-stage product or technology. Participants are not limited by university affiliation. 

The program and the application process are FREE of charge, and you qualify for a $3000 micro-grant upon successful completion of the course.

Attend six 2-hour virtual sessions, as well as office hours with instructors, complete and present assignments for each session, watch background videos between sessions, and most importantly, conduct 20 customer discovery interviews.

The regional course is run 4-5 times a year. The national program is run 3-4 times per season.

Please note that the micro-grants are available on an APPROVAL and REIMBURSEMENT basis. Upon successful completion of the course, you can submit your interview summary with spending proposal for review . Upon approval and directions from the Site team, you will be able to then submit receipts for reimbursement.

If you have not completed 20 interviews, the micro-grants can ONLY be used for customer discovery (travel to potential customers, conference and trade show registrations, LinkedIn Premium, Zoom account, Dropbox, other virtual communication tools, etc). If you have completed 20 interviews, the funds can also be used for prototyping of your invention. Funds CANNOT be used for salaries, stipends, or reimbursements of company registrations or to company accounts).