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Pandemic Spurs a Team Effort to Innovate

The E&IP office is assisting a new ventilator inventor with regulations for certified medical manufacturers and required U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) applications.

[Video] Hatch Story: Ashlawn Energy

Ashlawn Energy is developing and producing their VanCharg™ battery system which stores enough electricity to provide back-up power to hundreds of homes and support the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Clean Energy Incubator Supports Student Hackers

The Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator sponsored a first-place prize of $1000 dollars for the Best Clean Energy Hack competition category, in support of student and environmental innovation.

Telehealth365 Awarded 2020 Innovation Award

This Award recognizes a project, product or service that “thinks outside the box” and continues to stretch the boundaries and has proven to be a leader in innovation. This year’s Award recipient is TeleHealth 365.

AgZeit’s Secret Ingredient: Community

AgZeit Farms is pioneering sustainable indoor growing methods with assistance from business incubators, schools and support from the local community.

Why Choose the Koffman Incubator? [Video]

If you’re looking to start a business, you’re in luck. The Koffman Incubator offers space, programs, and mentors to propel your venture forward. See what we have to offer!

Rtistry By Design Becomes Eleventh Koffman Graduate

The branding and design agency has spent two years receiving mentorship and guidance in the Koffman Incubator. Owner Rachel Jenks has hired an employee and is planning on working remotely with clients from around the world.

Advanced Photonic Sciences Joins Start-up Suites

The Start-up Suites on the Binghamton University campus provide advanced laboratory space as well as access to the Koffman Incubator’s programs and mentors. Newest member APS is a leader in laser manufacturing.

Student Club Unites Innovative Individuals

The Bingtrepreneur club currently boasts about 70 members and meets every Friday evening, either for relevant workshops led by local business professionals or its monthly meetup event.

Entrepreneur, Author and Inspiration Speaks Out on Mental Illness

Hazel McKenzie founded AdamaDoll, aimed at combating child sexual abuse, with assistance from the Koffman incubator and its Accelerator program. She has gone on to progress her business, write multiple books and become an advocate for mental health.

Summer Block Party: Serving Cones and Connections

As the summer heat recedes at the end of August, Binghamton University’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnership took the opportunity to host a summer block party at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator.

[Video] C4V Clean Energy Hatch Story

Based out of the Binghamton University Startup Suites, Charge CCCV (C4V) leverages its expertise in electrode design and process development to create next-generation storage materials.

Hemp Geek Opens Commercial Location

Co-owner Sami Abdelazim says they try to source their products from nationally recognized brands that also do lab testing so that consumers can know that they are getting top of the line CBD products.

Clean Energy Highlight: ChromaNanoTech

Our prime focus for applications of our technology is passive solar: we can block the infrared light coming through a window which keeps the heat out in the summer and the heat in during the winter.

Infiniti Greens Wins 2019 Binghamton Business Plan Competition

Infiniti Greens is a business that specializes in growing vegetables that have concentrated nutrients and flavor. The business works with local farmers and restaurants which uses the company’s vegetables as ingredient. The business was founded inside of a Binghamton University dorm room.

Pitch Event Attracts Funding From Local Entrepreneurs

Binghamton entrepreneurs are choosing to invest in their community following a March pitch event hosted by Binghamton University’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships. The event attracted over two dozen local investors to the Koffman Southern Tier...

Binghamton University Continues Successful Startup Summit

Entrepreneurs in the Southern Tier have more resources than ever to help develop their businesses, including the second annual Southern Tier Startup Summit, a day-long event to be held May 1, at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, 120 Hawley St., Binghamton.

Accelerator Program Showing Success

Members of the winter 2019 cohort of the Accelerator Program at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator received special support to develop their business startups.

EMPEQ Selected for Veteran Founder Program

Through this initiative, EMPEQ, an energy efficiency project investment and asset management firm, said it will gain access to free programming and resources within the Founder Institute’s global network.

Washington County Hemp Expands with CSG Hemp

CSG, based in Binghamton, helps hemp growers get established and guides them through the season. They currently assist 20 New York hemp farmers, including Old Homestead Hemp farm in Hebron.

IM3NY Progressing Endicott Battery Plant Plans

“Physical relocation including the disassembly, packaging and shipment of the acquired equipment from the previous battery manufacturing plant in North Carolina to the new iM3NY facility at the Huron Campus in Endicott, New York was recently completed.”

[Video] Hatch Story: Enduraphin

Entering college, the Enduraphin team discovered various problems with the nutritional recovery process and the Strength and Conditioning community echoed their findings. Sports nutrition products lacked two aspects: quality and/or convenience.

[Video] Hatch Story: microBELLA Cosmetics

We’ve all heard about probiotics for gut health, but what about for your skin? A microbiologist and entrepreneur is on a mission to improve existing cosmetics. This is her story.

Dimensional Energy a Finalist in Carbon XPRIZE

The Carbon XPRIZE is in the final round of competition, in which finalist teams are challenged to scale-up up their carbon conversion technologies under real world conditions at industrial test centers to compete for one of two grand prizes.

Meetup Connects Local Educators With Virtual Reality Startup

What do educators and Virtual Reality have in common? Not much -- not yet at least. This is set to change if Enhance VR (EVR), a startup company locating in downtown Binghamton’s Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, has any say. EVR is changing the way students interact...

[Video] Hatch Story: Pressure Ulcer Prevention Pad (PUPP)

Three Binghamton University graduates are hard at work using their skill to help others. The Pressure Ulcer Prevention Pad, or PUPP, seeks to improve the lives of individuals who stay seated for prolonged periods of time. This is PUPP’s story.

Infiniti Greens: A Growing Success Story

At a time when many startups are focused on apps, algorithms or artificial intelligence, Joseph Rigoroso is finding success by going the low-tech route.

Muckles’ Ink Expands Their Local Imprint

Muckles graduated from the Koffman Incubator in July and now with their operations expanding, Muckles’ is moving from their old headquarters to a new 3,000-foot space on the corner of Court Street and State Street.

Local Businesswomen Inspire Next Generation Leaders

The women of Binghamton University are learning to take on the world of entrepreneurship. “The whole message of being bold and brave feels silly when you first hear it,” Molly Alexander said, “but when you try to internalize it, it becomes important.” Alexander, a...

Binghamton U Alumni Start Business to Put Pressure on a Major Problem

Sometimes good ideas fall into your lap — sometimes they’re hiding right beneath it. Binghamton University alumni Nathaniel Fisher, Bar Stern, and Dominick Pirozzi graduated in 17' with a BS and 18' with a MS in Biomedical Engineering. Post-grad they created the...

Innovation Associates Expands

“Our relationship with Binghamton University continues to be very very healthy,” said Innovation’s CEO Tom Boyer. “Part of that relationship I think is responsible for our market leadership at this point in time.”