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Bandalier employs teams of students and recent grads in college towns, setting them up with remote customer-service roles. Bringing together job seekers and companies, Bandalier provides companies with a wider, more flexible talent pool to select from.

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Local startup company aims to connect with University community

Castetter Sustainability Group 

Castetter Sustainability Group is dedicated to reflecting their passion for excellence, integrity, and forward thinking. Their goal is to help develop a vibrant and diverse hemp industry in New York and take full advantage of its rich farming tradition and world leading economic hub. After spending decades in the cannabis and industrial hemp industries, CSG truly believes in the game changing potential of hemp. They are focused on sustainability, enriching partnerships with farmers and local businesses, research, and a forward vision to help meet the demands of an ever changing world. Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and website.

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Medical Marijuana Helps In Recovery

Southern Tier Hemp Summit 2018

Southern Tier is Part of the Nation’s Growing Hemp Revival

Enhance VR

We started back in 2015 after winning a hackathon with our first, two degree of freedom motion simulator. After getting some students in it we realized how much of a possibility we could really make simulators. From the start we always wanted to enhance virtual reality, hence the name. With some help from the entrepreneurship departments, we were able to build our second simulator and do successful tests at events and even a pilot test day at a local virtual reality arcade. We’ve been speakers at TEDx here in Binghamton talking about the future of VR. As of today we are officially a company and won the Binghamton Sharktank, winning $10,000. Our goals are to build our simulators, and lease them to businesses. We aim to continue building new versions of the simulator, as well as other prototypes to continue to enhance virtual reality. Follow their Journey on their website.

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The Reality of Virtual Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality the focus of lecture at Binghamton University.

Southern Tier Incubator close to reaching capacity.

TEDx Binghamton University selects student speakers.


TeleHealth365 combines innovative technology with an intuitive interface, allowing healthcare providers to have secure video conferences from any computer. The platform operates on an OmniReach platform, allowing browser-based conferencing, and is both HIPAA compliant and high-definition. Created to be both flexible and reliable, healthcare officials can use TeleHealth365 for fully encrypted single and multiple party conferencing around the world. Find out more about Telehealth 365 on their website.

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TeleHealth365 Partners with TeleMental Health Institute to Provide Doctor at Home.

MBM Hustle

MBM Hustle provides consulting for small to medium size companies in the US and Europe. Their primary focus is on content delivery and email marketing with specializations in messenger bots, Amazon optimization and automation. 
Learn more and reach out on their website.


MVP Innovative Solutions

Providing services that range from mechanical engineering consultations, to machine design and fabrication, MVP Innovative Solutions is ready to solve any problem. With over 750 issued patents and 35 years of experience, MVP can help with electronic assembly, inspection, repair and testing, laser drilling and inspection, high-speed carbide twist drilling, mechanics, linkages, pneumatics, hydraulics, cam designs, adhesives, and state-of-the-art electronic and optic interconnects. Check out their website.

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Stay tuned for more news from MVP Innovative Solutions!

Rx Refund

Rx Refund, offers services to pharmacies to manage the returns and refunds related to expired medications. Management of outdated items begins with the purchase of new items. Most importantly, you will know what you are sending and to whom you are sending it. Unlike other reverse distributors that tell you to just throw everything in a box and send it to them, Rx Refund provides valuable information about what you are shipping, the original cost, and how much you should receive back.
Learn more and reach out on their website.



QOLA aims to improve Quality of Life Equity for rural veterans and military families. To accomplish their mission, they provide housing, employment, education, and healthcare consulting services. They aim to engage 100% of their clients through a grassroots approach to outreach, making it their objective to personally ensure that their clients in rural markets have been informed of the services, benefits, and programs available to them in the core areas of housing, employment, education, and healthcare. Check out their Facebook for more information.

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Stay tuned for more news from QOLA LLC!


Hemp Geek offers a wide range of CBD Hemp products, including water soluble tinctures, pills, lotions, vape oils, hemp flower, concentrates, prefilled 510 cartridges, & more. They thoroughly vet each and every product sold for Quality, Efficacy, Dosage Accuracy, Labeling, Lab Reports and a number of other additional qualifying factors. The team at Hemp Geek will help guide you to the right product for you, without any pushy sales or gimmicks

Learn more on their Facebook page


Hunt’n Buddy

Hunt’n Buddy is a GPS enabled app which provides a suite of features to hunters which enhance safety and provides logistics for the tech-savvy hunter of the modern day.  The app features a safety notifcation system, a group hunt feature that offers social mapping, live tracking, camera marker pins, and much more. You can learn more about Hunt’n Buddy at their website




Greater Binghamton SCORE

SCORE is a source for free and confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs and small businesses. As a nonprofit resource, SCORE provides expert guidance and assistance to thousands of start-up and existing businesses. Their goal is for each company to receive the help they seek in order to succeed. They partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration and have over 300 SCORE offices across the country offering free business mentoring and low- or no-cost workshops. Check out their website to learn more.

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How To Create A Business Plan

3 Ways to Get Help Writing a Business Plan

Buy Local: Why Small Business Owners Must Practice What They Preach


Wickcheed, LLC

Wickcheed, LLC provides online event & donor management software, custom data solutions and hosting services for not-for-profit organizations nationwide. Wickcheed Online is a web-based subscription application that allows small to mid-size non-for-profit organizations track and manage donors, events, mailings and support groups. Wickcheed employees pride themselves on their work with people in their client organizations, providing them the support they need to make the most of our their software investments. 

Follow the journey on LinkedIn or their website.

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Stay tuned for more news on Wickcheed!

Triple Cities Network Solutions

Triple Cities Network Solutions works hard behind the scenes to prevent technology issues from slowing your business down. Their mission is to help businesses increase productivity and get more out of the technology that they invest in. TCNS specializes in solutions that safeguard and protect your data, working to keep operations running smoothly. Working to help other small businesses grow and move forward, their mission is simple and honest. TCNS knows that helping local businesses solve their IT issues makes each company more profitable and successful, leading to mutual growth. With no catches or gimmicks, TCNS provides tailored experiences and services that work for your individualized business needs. Follow their journey on their websiteTwitter and blog.

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DB Therapeutics

Anthony Di Pasqua, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Binghamton University, hopes to make radiation treatments for the most common skin cancers faster, simpler and less unpleasant, and to reduce the risk of harm to healthy skin.

Di Pasqua and a collaborator have formed a company, DB Therapeutics, to develop a bandage that delivers radiation to a cancerous lesion. On Sept. 1, the company took up residence in the University’s Koffman Southern Tier Incubator in downtown Binghamton.

“We’re hoping that dermatologists and radiation oncologists will be excited about this product,” says Di Pasqua, who joined Binghamton’s new School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2016.

Follow the journey and learn more here.

In the News

Patch Targets Skin Cancer

Interview with Anthony Di Pasqua – AAPS Researcher

Radiotherapeutic bandage shows potential as treatment for skin cancer

White Buffalo Creative

White Buffalo Creative is a differentiation firm— not a marketing firm or an advertising agency. As a differentiation firm, they combine the best aspects of both industries, making companies stand out through innovative campaigns. White Buffalo Creative believes that companies need to stand back from the herd before they can stand out, which is why they do a thorough, competitive analysis of each company’s brand. Reworking each company’s creative campaigns, branding, and everything in between, White Buffalo Creative highlights the unique perspectives and services that make each company special. As one of several differentiation firms in the world, White Buffalo Creative is ready to bring your company into uncharted territories, expanding both your creative vision and your customer base. Follow their journey on their website.

In the News

KSTI Spotlights White Buffalo Creative


Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Hectre is an orchard management software platform designed to help growers increase profits by lifting the consistency of high grade, verifiably safe fruit. Hectre achieves this by moving paper-based data collection to the cloud, bringing together orchard management activities onto one platform. Hectre enables orchardists to track sellable fruit back to a GPS location on the orchard. This addresses harvest operations and traceability. Hectre provides cost centers for budgeting and forecasting through timesheet and payroll capture, and gives growers one place to organize key information. We enable precision-based growing for orchardists to help improve critical decisions.

Learn more at their website

Global Cloud Solutions INC.

Global Cloud Solutions specializes in customized application development and works on the administration of, the world’s leading cloud platform. GCS is a Cloud Alliance Partner, designing solutions on this platform for a variety of business technologies including CRM, marketing automation, quoting & forecasting, system integration, content management, inventory/order management, and auto auction marketing. Follow their journey on their Website and LinkedIn.

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Stay tuned for more news from GCS!

Incubate Media

Incubate media is a full service media agency based out of Binghamton, NY. They bring ideas to life by working with countless companies, brands, influencers, authors, podcasters and more. Their services meet and exceed the needs of clients by emphasizing quality and trust in their work. If you want to take your brand to the next level, Incubate Media is your go-to. 
Learn more and reach out on their website.



EthosGen doesn’t change what you do— it changes what’s done for you. The Sorption-Energy System works within your existing system to capture waste heat and turn it into electrical power and cooling capacity, offering organizations affordable and efficient energy. They have established and proven foundational technology with a high efficiency, compact design. EthosGen is low cost and low maintenance, and a 24/7 power source for mission critical systems. Learn more on their website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the News

EthosGen: $250,000 award winner in NYSERDA’s 76West Clean Energy Competition.

EthosGen Brings First Project Online

Dimensional Energy

Dimensional Energy (DE) is working to deploy a technological solution that converts carbon dioxide and water to hydrocarbons via a process inspired by natural photosynthesis. The reaction takes place in simple, modular photo reactors powered by concentrated sunlight through our patented waveguide technology. Industries that emit a lot of CO2 are not only contributing to green house gas emissions, but are also throwing away a chemical that could be converted into more valuable products. For example, adopting Dimensional Energy’s HI-LIGHT reactors could give operators of a Syngas plant $360 Million in additional revenue, reduce CO2 emissions by 1M tons/year and pay back the investment in 5-7 years.

Follow their Journey on their WebsiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

In the News

Dimensional Energy is accepted into Phase 2 of the Carbon X Prize.

Switched Source

Switched Source is providing power-electronics solutions to increase reliability, efficiency, and renewable energy hosting capacity, on legacy grid infrastructure and in distributed energy system applications. Switched Source’s flagship device, the Tie Controller, unlocks superior grid management capabilities, acting as a controllable valve to “push and pull” specified amounts of both real and reactive power, in two directions. As a result, neighboring power lines can be operated as a networked platform, while providing all energy consumers with two sources of power.

Follow their journey on their website or Twitter.

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Stay tuned for more news on Switched Source!


ChromaNanoTech is a start-up company that produces nanomaterials for various optical technology applications. It was formed in April 2014 at the Binghamton University Incubator as a partnership of five co-inventors. ChromaNanoTech created a patent-pending invention filing for a nano-material which enhances the properties and durability of synthetic dyes active in the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectrum. The patent-pending light absorbing dye is a nanoparticle that can be incorporated into masterbatch polymer pellets. The company has been awarded $50,000 from the Technology Accelerator Fund of the SUNY Research Foundation, and an additional $50,000 has been awarded from Nexus-NY. Follow their journey on their website.

In The News

ChromaNanoTech Receives National Science Foundation Grant

An interview with William E. Bernier, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, ChromaNanoTech

Empower Equity, Inc (EMPEQ)

EMPEQ combines financial efficiency and energy efficiency. Its UnFinancing program pairs proprietary Empower Visibility platform while its Simple Energy Subscription model provides complex financing capabilities to middle-market energy efficiency contractors, OEMs, and utilities. Find out more on their website and follow their journey on Facebook.

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Empower Equity simplifies energy savings


C4V™ is an intellectual property company based in Binghamton, New York that works on Lithium-Ion battery composition and manufacture. C4V provides critical insights that optimize the performance of lithium ion batteries, working to extend battery life, improve safety measures, and heighten charge performance. Learn more about C4V and follow their journey on their website.

In The News

Charge CCCV Member Spotlight

ECONOMY RE-CHARGE: Battery maker bringing 230 jobs to Endicott


Imperium3 is owned by a consortium that includes Charge CCCV (C4V), founded by former postdoctoral researcher Shailesh Upreti on the Binghamton University campus in 2014. It will invest more than $130 million and create at least 230 new jobs over the next five years by operating the state’s first giga-factory producing lithium ion batteries. Learn more about Imperium3 on their website.

In The News

Battery power promises to re-energize Endicott manufacturing

Imperium3 New York Picks Up Alevo’s US Factory Assets for Battery Gigafactory

Governor Cuomo Announces Imperium3 New York to Establish Lithium Ion Battery Giga-Factory in the Southern Tier

Brash Engines

Founded by Michael Brookman, Brash Engines is a clean-energy startup that’s working to provide combined heat and power (CHP) from any combustible fuel. It began when Brookman had the idea to create a small unit that could make an existing boiler more efficient, providing consistent heat and power to individual homes. Working to provide affordable renewable energy, BRASHPower’s units can convert heat to power. This enables homeowners and small businesses to generate their own power in order to reduce their energy cost and their carbon footprint while increasing service reliability. Follow their journey on Facebook and their website.

In The News

CT’s Clean Energy Edge: Going, Going … or Coming Back?


SunTegra® Solar Roof Systems are innovative building integrated solar solutions that provide customers with an attractive alternative to standard solar panels. Their solar roof systems integrate directly into the roof instead of being mounted on a bulky rack system over the roof, providing customers a durable roof and a sleek, low-profile solar system in one. Learn more about SunTegra on their website.

In The News

New York’s Sunrise Solar to start installing SunTegra solar shingles

SunTegra seeks to become powerhouse in growing solar roofing sector

The solar roof exists: SunTegra offers solar shingles and tiles


AgZeit — pronounced like “excite” — is an indoor farm that produces organically grown, high quality produce for local grocers, restaurants and everyday customers. Growing their crops indoors allows for year-round production, redefining agriculture and what it means to eat locally in modern times. Follow their journey on Facebook and check out their site.

In The News

Tiger Ventures at U-E unveils new business ‘AgZeit’

Ashlawn Energy

Ashlawn Energy manufactures, builds, installs, and maintains VanCharg™ energy storage systems for homes, businesses, and utilities. VanCharg™ energy storage systems enable the SmartGrid, wind and solar energy integration, electric vehicle charging, UPS, and other advanced energy applications. VanCharg™ is an electrical storage system (battery) that stores enough electricity to provide back-up power to hundreds of homes and support the transmission and distribution of electricity. VanCharg™ reduces electricity costs and cuts carbon emissions by allowing customers to “beat the peak” and store less expensive and less polluting power produced at night for use during peak hours. Learn more on their website.

In The News

Crain’s Cleveland Business

Norma Byron, President of Ashlawn Energy

American Public Power Magazine

Southern Tier Technologies

Southern Tier Technologies brings together experts at something most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about — power quality. For more than 20 years, the founding partners have designed hundreds of innovative power quality solutions for ‘mission-critical’ applications all over the world; and while the location, industry and equipment may vary, the rule is always the same — an efficient, reliable operation starts with a clean sine waveSouthern Tier Technologies was started with clear direction; they’re a power quality company focused on providing customers with Innovative Solutions for clean, reliable power. They aim to deliver intelligent, easy-to-use products and services that exceed their customer’s expectations each and every time. Learn more on their website.

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Stay tuned for more news on Southern Tier Technologies!


Providing industrial and commercial heat applications through next generation solar thermal technology. Their patented technology utilizes cutting edge heating techniques to power your operation with the sun. Learn more at their website.

In The News

Clean energy competition winner unveils new product manufactured in the Southern Tier

Heat Inverse

Heat Inverse is working with a cooling technology that helps manufacturers increase efficiency simply and inexpensively, using our thin-film materials that get cold with zero-energy input. Learn more at their website. 

In The News

GE features Heat Inverse

Syndem LLC

Syndem LLC is pioneering the development of technologies and products to accelerate large-scale adoption of solar panels, wind turbines, storage systems, electrical vehicles, and flexible loads etc. by turning power electronic converters into virtual synchronous machines (VSM). Learn more about Syndem on their website!

In The News

Game Changer for Grid

Vision for a Harmonious Grid

Smart Grid Research and Educational Kit


Aestus Inc.

Aestus Inc. is developing technology that can use waste heat to generate electricity. The devices they are constructing are known as Thermomagnetic Generators, and they can successfully capture and convert waste heat from any industrial, solar or geothermal heat source. No additional fuels are required and no carbon emissions are produced in the process. Learn more on their website!

In The News

Stay tuned for more news on Aestus Inc.!

Hub Controller

Hub Controller makes future proof smart-home products that are easy-to-use, empowering customers to have control over their utility bills. Their technology emphasizes simplicity and compatibility, working on all oil and gas heating systems


The Hub Controller is a feature-rich smart thermostat. It links its touchscreen input with a phone app, giving customers control of their home climate. It is designed to be installed in minutes and comes with its own tools in the box so it can be integrated simply and efficiently

In The News

Hub Controller welcomed to Koffman Incubator

FlashCharge Batteries

FlashCharge Batteries’ vision is to amaze people with new electronic gadgets made possible by our revolutionary fast-rechargeable, non-toxic batteries; while reducing worldwide oil consumption and improving our environment. FlashCharge Batteries’ mission is to always provide the fastest rechargeable, non-toxic battery in the marketplace, with zero manufacturing defects and just-in-time delivery.

FlashCharge Batteries’ current research and development is aimed at designing a cell that will exceed the energy storage capability of lithium-ion batteries. New materials and construction techniques will create a higher charge accumulation per units of volume and improve the contact surface among the several layers of the cell.

Their fast charging battery technology is based on the novel introduction of a mediator component into the solid electrolyte of the supercapacitor. The mediator improves all the characteristics of a typical solid-state supercapacitor, allowing it to compete — for the first time ever — with lithium-ion batteries in regard to energy storage capability, while keeping the supercapacitor’s ability to fast charge.

Learn more on their website



Atlantic Ocean Aquaculture

Atlantic Ocean Aquaculture, LLC is developing a 3D Ocean Farm in the near shores of Maine. 3D Ocean Farms are highly productive, ecologically designed poly-cultures cultivated within varying levels of the water column that combine finfish, shellfish, and high value seaweeds. AOA’s offshore farms will produce nutritious seaweed and shellfish products to service regional US and international markets.

AOA is led by an expert team of ocean scientists, seaweed farmers, aquaculture specialists and successful entrepreneurs that have a passion for sustainable food systems and environmental stewardship

Although they account for less than 2% of the sea surface, seaweed habitats contribute ~50% of carbon sequestered in global coastal oceans. 3D Ocean Farms combat (1) ocean acidification and (2) climate change by absorbing excess carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus from the sea, (3) reduce ocean dead zones and (4) restore ocean habitats.

Growing awareness of the pharmaceutical properties of seaweed (antibacterial, antiviral and anti-tumor properties, gel-forming) in addition to increasing demand for seaweed derived food, snacks, fertilizers, and animal feed are driving a boom in international demand. From 2000-2010, seaweed demand grew by an average of 9% per year From 2017-2023, seaweed CAGR is expected to be 10.28%2 Current Market Size, seaweed = $10.31+ Billion USD3 By 2024, Market Size for seaweed to increase to $20+ Bn USD Annual US trade deficit for seafood (incl. fin-fish, shellfish) is $14 Bn USD.

View their pitch deck here


Advanced Photonic Sciences (APS)

APS has pioneered the development and manufacturing of micro and mini diode-pumped solid-state lasers for diverse applications such as materials handling, medical, and military, and has had a MiniGreen laser successfully operate in an extended plasma physics mission on the International Space Station. APS has also pioneered the development of cryogenic laser technology, holds three world records for the performance of such lasers, and is further developing the technology to develop intense high-average-power femtosecond ultrafast lasers with a myriad of applications.

In The News

Advanced Photonic Sciences and CarbonVision Sign Distribution Agreement

Advanced Photonic Sciences Awarded two Phase I SBIR Programs

FlexSurface, Inc

FlexSurface, Inc is is a pioneer company specializing in producing and supplying nanomaterials, especially highly-monodispersed gold nanoparticles of various sizes.  Applications of the products span from life sciences, environmental control, and clean energy conversion.  The gold nanoparticles, as one of the main products from FlexSurface, feature patented technologies, and have appeared over thousand publications. We provide the highest quality gold nanoparticles for research use. Learn more about FlexSurface on their website.

In the News

Stay tuned for news on FlexSurface, Inc!

Excelsior Biofilms LLC

Stay tuned for more information on Excelsior Biofilms LLC!

In the News

Excelsior Biofilms, LLC wins NIH Grant

Advanced Material Analytics LLC

Advanced Material Analytics LLC (AMA) is a research and manufacturing firm that develops scientific analytical equipment that’s used to test materials and products for characteristic properties like porosity, pore-size measurement, permeability, air flow resistance for acoustic materials, water vapor transmission rate and similar characteristic properties. AMA knows that to understand the performance of any material, the knowledge of structure and characteristics of pores of the material is crucial, so AMA is continuously improving its accuracy and reproducibility to provide cutting edge testing equipment. They offer a wide range of products and technologies to test materials with testing conditions as close as the real-life application. From multiple test capabilities for high production facilities, to 3 dimensional test capability, to integrating complex statistical analytics tools, their innovative and unique solutions have been assisting industry to solve their existing and upcoming challenges.

In The News

Binghamton Alums Pioneer Tech Start-Up in Materials Testing

Advanced Material Analytics (AMA) – Entrepreneur of the Week

START-UP NY Takes Root on Binghamton University’s Campus


microBELLA is a handcrafted prebiotic skincare company that focuses on combatting common skin issues, ranging from acne to psoriasis. Created by Katie Cherny, the company believes that skin conditions are not just hormonal imbalances, but conditions that are tied to changes in the community of bacteria on your skin or microflora. microBella aims to provide customized skincare that balances the proper nutrients for the natural bacterias that live on each person’s skin.

In the News

Binghamton University Accelerator Program is School for Startups.

In addition to participating in the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator’s Accelerator Program Katie (Pictured 4th from the left) was also in their first cohort for the National Science Foundations iCorps Short Course.


Scrolling through job boards or knocking on doors hunting for the right job is exhausting. Why not let the jobs come to you? Full time or part time gigs, or just pick up an extra shift for some spare cash. SpinGig’s free system matches your experience with opportunities in your geographic area and alerts you the moment the job is available. Stop hunting and start working!

Visit them at their website

Rtistry by Design

As a designer, Rachel Jenks has worked with businesses of all sizes, helping start-ups, universities, and everything in between. As the founder and creative director of Rtistry, Jenks helps companies with a variety of services including branding, print design, multi-media projects, advertising, digital design, presentation design, marketing, creative strategy, live event production, e-learning, video, photography, and art direction. Through her company, Jenks helps people bring their visions to life, redesigning businesses on every level. From developing new company identities to tackling complex design challenges Rtistry helps companies launch their dreams and reach their goals. Follow their journey on their website, Facebook, Instagram.

In the News

Broome County Arts Council 

Brittany Carbone, Founder & CEO of Tonic knows first hand the difference that TONIC can make mentally and physically.

“That is why we decided to start our own hemp farm in upstate NY. We wanted to be able to control quality from the very start. My husband, Erik, is the lead grower and my parents and uncle are the other managing partners – it is a true family farm with values based in quality, transparency and the desire to heal. We are now able to know the exact source of hemp, the cultivation practices used, and exactly what is going into every TONIC blend. 

TONIC’s original CBD blends are handcrafted in small batches with purposeful, plant-based ingredients. Using not only herbs like Ashwagandha, but superfoods like Black Seed Oil, TONIC elevates the benefits of CBD to create a powerful way to heal the body, calm the mind and restore balance.” 

Brittany Carbone
Founder & CEO

Learn more at their website: