The U.S. Department of Energy has funded solar technology company Syndem to advance their work on solar inverters. Syndem’s technology will increase the use of solar power in homes and businesses by making it easier for grid operators to integrate much larger supplies of solar power into their networks, while also making solar systems more secure from cyberattack.

Based in Chicago, Syndem has interest in utilizing resources in Southern Tier New York to further develop their technology. The company is a member of the Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator (SCI). Based within downtown Binghamton’s Koffman Incubator, this New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) – funded program strives to start, attract, and grow clean energy companies to drive economic growth and further Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s ambitious clean energy goals.

The incubator has forged beneficial connections between Syndem and researchers at Binghamton University. Syndem has office space in the downtown incubator and is looking to further develop its ties to the region in part through this new award.

“This award will accelerate our pace in commercializing the technology and deploying it worldwide. We look forward to expanding our operations in Binghamton and the wider Southern Tier region to integrate the existing abundant supply chain resources here. We see that this region has a lot of potential in playing a significant role in our future growth. We look forward to working with local partners to make this a great success for Syndem and for Southern Tier,” says Dr. Qing-Chang Zhong, Founder and CEO of Syndem.

More can be learned about Syndem online.

More can be learned about the Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator online.