Let’s face it, networking can be hard! Attempting to find common ground with a stranger in a few short moments of conversation seems inefficient to us. Traditional networking has its pitfalls and we are actively changing that through SUNY BEST.

A well-received event in its own right, this monthly meetup is held in downtown Binghamton at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator. The philosophy behind BEST sets a focus on learning and on involvement, rather than on whom is the best small-talker. By inducing critical thought based around a central topic, conversations develop organically and allow for relevant insight to be shared from all.

In the upcoming months, you can expect to hear details about the exciting changes BEST will be receiving, sure to entice both regulars and new faces alike.

The style in which BESTs are conducted change from month-to-month, with this upcoming event taking the form of a speaker and an important announcement.

About this upcoming BEST:

We are excited to welcome HeatSmart Southern Tier for their program launch at SUNY BEST on Thursday, September 6, 10 AM- 12 Noon.

This particular event is based around HeatSmart’s announcement of partnership with NYSERDA. Also, internationally recognized geothermal expert Jay Egg will discuss the field.

Expect to:

– Interact with local experts, business-people and those passionate about clean energy

– Learn how to more efficiently heat and cool your home,

– Find out about new incentives and technologies

– Receive light refreshments, as noted below

As always SUNY BEST is a free event, and breakfast will be provided by our friends from Best Bagels In Town – Binghamton and Java Joe’s Roasting Company. You can register in advance here. See you on the 6th!

About Jay Egg:

Jay founded EggGeothermal in 1990. He currently focuses his professional efforts as a renewable energy expert on geothermal energy utility efforts, and has written two books and several articles on geothermal HVAC systems, and is a consultant with NYSERDA.

-Cory Kimmell