Technology Development and Innovation Program


XCEED is powered by a $750,000 grant from the Economic Development Administration and managed by Binghamton University’s Office of Entrepreneurship.


XCEED seeks to support the fast-growing research and technology cluster developing in New York’s Southern Tier and at Binghamton University. 


The program is designed to support the translation of academic discoveries into commercial products with a focus on cleantech and life science technologies.

Launch Your Research

XCEED provides prototyping funding and summer fellowships combined with innovation and entrepreneurship training to advance technologies in cleantech, clean energy, climate science as well as life and health science research. 


Guide and develop your research through structured programming and workshops with support from experienced mentors. 


Validate and progress your research with initial funding: NSF I-Corps ($3,000) / XCEED prototyping grant I ($1,000)


Launch your venture to success with advanced funding opportunities: NSF I-Corps Nationals ($50,000) / XCEED II prototyping grants ($10,000) / XCEED student stipend ($6,000)

Program Benefits

  • Technology development grants (up to $30,000)
  • $6000 summer fellowships

  • Startup company formation support
  • SBIR grant proposal support
  • Strategic workshops
  • If appropriate, patenting of inventions associated with the research projects

  • $3000 entrepreneurship travel/prototyping grant after Regional NSF I-Corps
  • Qualification for national NSF I-Corps and a $50,000 grant for travel and stipends

In addition, XCEED offers: Support for Cleantech Startups

In addition to undergraduate research and commercialization training, XCEED provides support for cleantech R&D projects by sourcing and supporting qualified interns. Contact Olga Petrova for more information. 

Intern Sourcing

Qualified interns are prospected for utilization by interested startups, and can specialize in most any area of need from sales to engineering.

Monetary Support

Provided interns get compensated (part-time salary or academic credit) through the program at zero total cost to the startup. 

Olga Petrova

Program Director

Tony Frontera

Program Director

Common Questions:

Ideal applicants should have ongoing research project in cleantech, life sciences, or biomedical-related spheres
Projects should have potential for societal impact and real-world applications.
Qualified fellow participants are
Graduate (PhD or MS) student or Postdoc
Undergraduates working on independent study or in 4+1 programs may qualify
Must be available to work on the project through the end of 2021

The program and the application process are FREE of charge.

If you are unsure whether XCEED is for you, or have questions concerning the program, contact Olga Petrova, Program Director.