Acceleration of Cleantech Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

XCEED Program

$750,000 project awarded by the Economic Development Administration


Designed to transform the Greater Binghamton Area into a center of cleantech innovation


Focuses on translating
academic discoveries and
supporting student

Do you conduct research in the cleantech sphere?

CleanTech companies seek to improve environmental efficiency through their products, and minimize negative effects on the environment. Our XCEED program provides programming, mentoring, grants, and stipends to CleanTeach companies building innovative products in the Southern Tier


XCEED provides undergraduate internships and a three-phase experiential entrepreneurship fellowship program for graduate students to learn about development and commercialization of Cleantech innovations. Find opportunities by searching “XCEED” within HireBing.?


XCEED provides opportunities for strategic industry-academia partnerships to promote the development and optimization of Cleantech innovations.

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Join in on the clean technology revolution here in Binghamton, New York!

Dimensional Energy CEO Discusses a Clean Energy Future

Jason Salfi’s startup, Dimensional Energy, creates fuel from CO2 and sunlight. In a recent interview, he discusses the direction clean energy technologies are taking.

Despite pandemic, incubator adds new members

Natrion, one of 6 new members of the clean energy program, is growing with the help of the Koffman’s resources.

[Video] Staff and startups discuss resources for students and the community

Binghamton University’s “Bearcat Chats” invites members of the Koffman Incubator to discuss resources available for entrepreneurs.

Startup KLAW Looks to pilot their sustainable cement locally

Village of Endicott officials are looking into bringing a glass recycling facility to the area, and now a Binghamton-based startup company is hoping to get involved.

SCI Members Awarded $1M as Finalists in 76West Clean Energy Competition

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced $2.5 million in support to four winners of the 76West Clean Energy Business Competition to advance innovation to lower carbon emissions and spur economic growth in New York State.

Eight new companies join the Koffman Incubator

The startup ecosystem is flourishing in the Koffman Incubator, evidenced by an influx of innovative ideas over the last few months.

EMPEQ’s HVAC financing benefits contractors, customers and the environment

One way for contractors to get a leg up on the competition and sell more efficient, high-end equipment is to offer enticing financing options through EMPEQ.

Skyven Technologies Set to Revolutionize Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Through Recent Funding

Clean Energy Incubator member Skyven has recently gained major investment to expand further into New York and continue to support efficiency in manufacturing

COI Energy Accepted into Google’s Inaugural Women Founders Accelerator

COI Energy, a recent participant in the 76West clean energy competition and new SCI member has been accepted into Google’s accelerator program, one of only 12 companies accepted.

SunTegra Adds Employees in their Koffman Office, Expands in Southern Tier

SunTegra, a leading provider of solar roof systems, today announced that it has hired Kim Bush as Inside Sales Specialist and Office Manager, and Cullen Fisher as Product Design and Technical Support Specialist, at their headquarters in Binghamton, NY.

Turning bottles into buildings: student startup uses glass to make sustainable cement

Three engineering students discovered not all recycling gets recycled. After research, they set out to turn glass into sustainable cement.

Battery Company Natrion Joins Koffman Incubator

Natrion, a Sodium-Ion battery startup focused on renewable energy storage, is now partnered with Binghamton University’s Koffman Incubator and is eager to access their clean energy resources.

C4V posts positive results for its fast charge EV batteries

Clean energy company C4V has made some major breakthroughs with their battery technology, leading to investor Magnis Energy’s stock to jump 30+%

New member Aletair discovers abandoned gas wells with drone tech

Clean energy company Aletair is using advanced drone technology to locate abandoned gas wells that leak dangerous emissions and harm the environment.

Heat Inverse Selected as 76West Semi-Finalist

Clean Energy Incubator member Heat Inverse has become a semi-finalist in the NYSERDA 76West clean energy competition, one of twenty companies selected from around the world.

Syndem Receives SBIR Funding for their Solar Innovation

SYNDEM was one of just eight companies across the nation to receive SBIR/STTR 2020 solar innovation funding. The award will be used to develop the design and prototype of their new solar inverter.

EMPEQ Provides Critical Funding to Progress Clean Energy Projects

EMPEQ can provide immediate financing, ranging from $10,000 to $10 million, for small- to mid-sized organizations to upgrade their essential building equipment

New Boiler on the Block — Clean Energy Company Brings Home Heating Into the 21st Century

Powered by natural gas, the unit is 95% efficient. It uses a fraction of that 95% of useful energy to generate power, another fraction for heat and another for domestic hot water.

Meet Mike, The New Director of the Clean Energy Incubator

Michael (Mike) Jagielski joins the team with him over 30 years of experience working with CEOs of companies ranging from SMB to Fortune 100.

Switched Source Wins $725k Grant to Adapt Grid for Clean Energy

Their Tie Controller enables automated routing of controlled amounts of real and reactive power across circuit feeders to boost system performance while reducing the risk of disruptions.

[Video] Hatch Story: Ashlawn Energy

Ashlawn Energy is developing and producing their VanCharg battery system which stores enough electricity to provide back-up power to hundreds of homes and support the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Startup Plans to Manufacture Futuristic Boiler System in Southern Tier

“Here we are now with a complete design, it’s operating. We have the customer interest, we’re hoping for investor interest. But it’s all because we’re located here at the Koffman Incubator,” says Brookman.

Clean Energy Incubator Supports Student Hackers

The Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator sponsored a first-place prize of $1000 dollars for the Best Clean Energy Hack competition category, in support of student and environmental innovation.

[Video] Hatch Story: BRASH Engines

Mike Brookman, CEO of BRASH Engines, is transforming the whole boiler industry with his innovative home heating system.

AgZeit’s Secret Ingredient: Community

AgZeit Farms is pioneering sustainable indoor growing methods with assistance from business incubators, schools and support from the local community.

The startup competition that is making a meaningful difference in cleantech

New York State’s 76West Clean Energy Competition awards a total of $2.5 million each year to the most promising clean energy start-ups to build clean energy businesses and jobs in the State’s Southern Tier region.

Syndem Awarded $600,000 to Progress Solar Innovation

Based in Chicago, incubator member Syndem has an interest in utilizing resources in Southern Tier New York to further develop their technology.

Clean Energy Incubator Company Wins $50k in CleanTech Competition

Dimensional Energy won a $50,000 investment at the Technology Accelerator Fund (TAF) Most Valuable Pitch (MVP) CleanTech Competition held at the University at Albany on December 11

Millions in Funding Available to Clean Energy Companies Through 76West Competition

Applications are open for the 76West Clean Energy Competition, which aims to attract innovative companies to the Southern Tier with millions on the line.

Clean Energy Pitch Attracts Local Investors

Six companies had five minutes to explain their business solution to the seventeen investors present, with another five minutes of Q & A.

Military Veteran Helms Clean Tech Company EMPEQ

Herbert Dwyer, a former platoon sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps is CEO of Empower Equity (EMPEQ), a fintech company with a focus on clean energy financing.

ChromaNanoTech Researcher Named Top Millennial in Manufacturing in NYS

32 year-old Kenneth Skorenko, the Chief Technology Officer at ChromaNanoTech, has been named a Top Millennial in Manufacturing in New York State by FuzeHub.

Clean Energy Incubator Board Chairman M. Stanley Whittingham Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Distinguished Professor M. Stanley Whittingham laid the foundation of a wireless, fossil fuel-free society through his groundbreaking research into Lithium-Ion batteries.

Skyven Displaces Fossil Fuels with Solar Concentration Tech

Dallas-based startup Skyven Technologies recently completed the first installation of its Intelligent Mirror Array (IMA). The system, deployed at Copses Farms, a state-of-the-art robotic dairy farm in Valley Falls, New York.

76West Clean Energy Competition Winners Announced

New York State is dangling 2 and a half million dollars in incentives to 6 different clean energy companies to do business in or with the Southern Tier.

SUNY BEST Event Talks of 76West Clean Energy Competition Impact

A $2.5 million cash prize is on the line as this year’s 76West Clean Energy Competition enters its fourth and final round of judging.

Imperium3 Develops World’s Seventh ‘Gigafactory’

Impreium3 intends to build the world’s seventh gigafactory in upstate New York, creating up to 1,600 jobs and cementing the region’s status as a high-tech manufacturing hub.

Member Pitches in 76West Clean Energy Competition

This year’s 76West Clean Energy Competition brought together 19 technology startups to pitch their cutting-edge ideas to spur clean energy solutions in the Southern Tier.

[Video] C4V Clean Energy Hatch Story

Based out of the Binghamton University Startup Suites, Charge CCCV (C4V) leverages its expertise in electrode design and process development to create next-generation storage materials.

SCI Member Skyven Installs Cutting-Edge Technology in New York State

The Intelligent Mirror Array, one of the world’s first solar solutions for industrial steam, has been completed at Copses Farms in Valley Falls. This is only the second installation in the country of Skyven’s new, innovative technology.

EMPEQ Awarded $500,000 to Provide Energy Efficient Solutions

EMPEQ, Inc. has been awarded $500,000 by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority for their novel business model which proliferates cleantech solutions.

Clean Energy Highlight: ChromaNanoTech

Our prime focus for applications of our technology is passive solar: we can block the infrared light coming through a window which keeps the heat out in the summer and the heat in during the winter.

Clean Energy Incubator Member, Skyven, In Chobani’s Inaugural Startup Class

Skyven Technologies, which uses Intelligent Mirror Array technology to source thermal energy from the sun and supply industrial boilers, identified ways Chobani could use the technology to reduce their fuel consumption.

Incubator Companies Join Forces for First Hemp Grow

AgZeit is planting hemp for the first time this season with the help of CSG Hemp. The company provides the hemp plants to 18 farms across the state.

New Investment Program Manager Spearheads Investor Activity for Local Startups

Investment Program Manager Christine Marchuska joined the Koffman Incubator team in February 2019, bringing with her vast investment experience from her time on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley.

EMPEQ Awarded $100k Through NYSERDA Ignition Grant

“Receiving the Ignition Grant contract propelled EMPEQ into the next stage of growth allowing for increased capacity in all facets of the business,” said Herbert Dwyer, CEO of EMPEQ.

[Video] Why Start a Business in the Southern Tier?

The genius of American manufacturing was established in New York’s Southern Tier and forward-thinking companies are keeping that spirit alive today.

[Video] Re-live the 2019 Southern Tier Startup Summit

The summit unites entrepreneurs, business professionals, founders, investors and economic catalysts from the area to participate in various networking and business events.

C4V Batteries Finding Use in Maritime Environments

C4V and MARTAC collaborated for the last 15 months to fully demonstrate the efficacy of C4Vs major advancement in high-performance battery cells.

Second-Annual Startup Summit Unites the Business Community

The day-long event, hosted by BUs Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships, was composed of a series of panels and pitch events for students, businesses and investors to attend.

Clean Energy Incubator Celebrates Its First Year, Welcomes First International Member

State officials are celebrating the first anniversary of an incubator within an incubator that continues to hatch new companies.

Binghamton University Continues Successful Startup Summit

Entrepreneurs in the Southern Tier have more resources than ever to help develop their businesses, including the second annual Southern Tier Startup Summit, a day-long event to be held May 1, at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, 120 Hawley St., Binghamton.

Innovators Avoid the #1 Reason Startups Fail Through I-Corps Program

Over 60 teams have participated in the Binghamton regional I-Corps program since its start in 2017, with 8 teams having been accepted into the National program to date and multiple more in progress.

EMPEQ Selected for Veteran Founder Program

Through this initiative, EMPEQ, an energy efficiency project investment and asset management firm, said it will gain access to free programming and resources within the Founder Institutes global network.

IM3NY Progressing Endicott Battery Plant Plans

“Physical relocation including the disassembly, packaging and shipment of the acquired equipment from the previous battery manufacturing plant in North Carolina to the new iM3NY facility at the Huron Campus in Endicott, New York was recently completed.”

EMPEQ Offers Innovative Options to Finance Energy Efficiency

Empower Equity takes a similar approach to funding energy efficiency upgrades, offering subscriptions that companies need for financial and energy reasons.

AgZeit Plans to Make Use of $2 Million From Greater Binghamton Fund

After applying, AgZeit was given almost $2 million from the GBF to expand operations to a location in Johnson City and Endicott.

UNY I-Corps Node Highlights Its Progression of Southern Tier Research

I-Corps is a National Science Foundation funded set of short courses aimed at researchers. See the UNY I-Corps Node 2017-2018 year in review.

BRASHPower Reinvents the Home Heating Boiler

Michael Brookman, CEO of BRASH, recently took first article delivery of his companys revolutionary new home heating system.

[Video] Endicott School Students Join Forces With Local Entrepreneurs

The program hopes to train students in the jobs of the future and attract more businesses to the town.

Build-4-Scale Workshop Sets Focus on Hardware Innovators

Build-4-Scale was created to connect local innovators with local manufacturers to ensure new energy technologies are produced that strengthen the manufacturing industry and support job creation.

Agzeit Awarded $2 Million for Expansion

“The intent will be we will have a readily trained available workforce to come work full-time for us. That’s again a tremendous opportunity. It’s investing back into our community. It’s investing in our futures,” said Jim Dutcher, AgZeit Indoor Farms CEO.

C4V Develops One of the World’s First Working Prototypes of a Solid State Battery

C4Vs new Solid State Battery, replaces more than 80% of the liquid electrolyte with a solid electrolyte.

$2.5 Million Awarded through 76West Clean Energy Competition

A total of $2.5 million was awarded to six finalists in the 76West Clean Energy Competition.

CCCV (C4V) In Development Agreement to Produce Batteries for Electric Hypercar

Magnis today announced signing a four party development agreement with Dendrobium Automotive Limited, Dendrobium Advanced Technologies Limited and Charge CCCV LLC (C4V) to produce high performing batteries including semi-solid batteries forDendrobium D-1.

Dimensional Energy Highlighted by Forbes

“In industrial uses, we can capture carbon dioxide from commercial entities before it leaks into the atmosphere,” according to David Erickson, a mechanical engineering professor and co-founder and partner in the company.

Glimmers of a clean-tech future in Upstate NY

The $19 million Koffman facility was built with an array of public moneys, and that’s purposeful. The mission of its clean-energy program, and its cousin programs in health technology and microelectronics, is nothing less than rekindling the innovative fires of Binghamton to birth young, high-growth companies in the most cutting-edge industries in America.

Member Company Skyven Unveils New Product Manufactured in the Southern Tier

Skyven partnered with Cameron Manufacturing in Horseheads to produce its “Intelligent Mirror Array,” one of the worlds first solar solutions for industrial steam.

Ethosgen Brings First Product Online

This July marked the first implementation of Ethosgens HSE (Heat Sorption to Electricity) product in New York State and the first operational unit in the U.S..

C4V, Imperium3 Re-Energizing Endicott Manufacturing

Shailesh Upreti is determined to re-energize manufacturing at a site that long served as IBM Corp.’s Endicott production hub.